Image of Dan Jones Hypnotherapy trainer and author with asperger's

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Autism Advocate, Speaker, YouTuber and Bestselling Author

Dan Jones Coaching & Training - Fees

Here you will find the fees for working with Dan Jones. Dan Jones doesn't often do 1-1 therapy nowadays, most of his focus is on online work, writing, and running courses and talks organised by others.
Training Course Fees
 (Courses Organised By Dan)
One Day Training
 Two Day Training
 Diploma Training (18 Days)
Hire Dan Jones For Talks, Seminars & Workshops*
 Per Hour
 Per Day
 Per Day
 Topics Can Include:
Solution Focused Therapy
Mind/Body Therapy
 Advanced Communication Skills
Safety Awareness & Breakaway Training
Guided Imagery/Guided Visualisation
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Telling Stories That Heal
 Stress Management
Calming Anxiety
 PTSD & Phobia 
Smoking Cessation
Weightloss Treatment
 *Expenses may also be incurred 
1-1 (up to 6-1*) Training
Self Hypnosis Training
Solution Focused Therapy Training
 Hypnosis Training
Full Accredited Hypnotherapy Diploma
 16 Hours
 32 Hours
 56 Hours
 144 Hours
 *1-1 training charged at these prices can be for up to 6 attendees, person hiring is responsible for organising the training. Additional expenses may also be incurred - like travel when not local